Change Your Life—Preschool

Today I found myself back in preschool. It has been years since I’ve taught or participated in any form in preschool and it was rather delightful. It has been years since I’ve had my own preschoolers. Here are some of the things I miss:
  • Little girls holding hands during reading time, gym time, walking down the hall time, anytime.
  • Going on a bear hunt and a dinosaur hunt.
  • Snack time.
  • Music time.
  • Art time.
  • Pure, unbridled enthusiasm for the right crayon, the right chair, the right toy.
  • Funny moments: one little boy ran to the bathroom, the girl’s bathroom, and when he was finished he asked for help. When I opened the door he was standing there with only his shirt on…even his shoes were off. Having only daughters, I didn’t realize that boys had to remove every article of attire, except a shirt, to go to the bathroom. My sister, the mother of 4 sons says that this is true.
  • Honest moments: another little boy told me he didn’t like me when I asked him to sit in his chair.
  • Rewarding moments: the same little boy let me draw him a picture and he put it in his backpack to take home.
  • Loving moments: spontaneous hugs and “I love you,” repeated every 5 minutes.
Everyone should get to spend at least one day a year in preschool. It is like sunshine.

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