A Mini Moment—Dating Just Isn’t the Same!

This was our first mini moment since Valentine’s Day…a trip to the gym with me in yoga class and Joe on the treadmill, and lunch at Subway. Throw in an extended phone call with Courtnee and a trip to Wal-Mart and the drycleaners and that was about as romantic as it got. Dating just isn’t the same now that our girls are older. I thought it would be easier, but we are either carpooling or supervising a houseful of teenagers with daughters two and three, and daughter number four is too young to be left alone, so our dates are usually during the day while the girls are in school. That means they are usually a quick lunch together out, or a slower lunch together in while we watch a movie. Even those are often interrupted by Riley bringing home a bunch of teenagers for lunch.

So we take any moment we can get together, mini or maxi, and we remember that…things change and someday, every day, will be a date!

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