Frog Olympics

Over here at the Cartwright house, we are gearing up for the Frog Olympics. Are you ready for the Frog Olympics at your house? No?…No Frog Olympics you say. Well, I’m sorry about that and if you are sad, you can create the Frog Olympics at your own house or school.

Our Frog Olympics are headed up by our super amazing school librarian. She teaches the 5th graders how to fold an origami frog and then hosts a fun school day event where the kids compete in such Olympic-like contests as the biggest frog, the tiniest frog, the farthest jumping frog, and my favorite category, the funkiest frog.

These are Halle’s entries:

Tiniest Frog (she folded this with tweezers)

Biggest Frog

Funkiest Frog

Click here for instructions on how to make your own origami frog.

Click here for a newspaper article on another school’s Frog Olympics.

Now gather your family and friends and create your own Frog Olympics. How fun is that!

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