Life Changes--Karen on Losing a Child

Hello again. It is time for another installment of Life Transitions. Today you will meet Karen and you will need a tissue…or a few tissues.

Meet Karen:

Karen is beautiful.
Karen is a wife and mother of six…five here and one in heaven.
Karen was one of my favorite exercise friends…go to aerobics and then eat at Einstein Bagels.
Karen is sooooo funny!
Karen has a great blog.
Karen likes to read and was one of my favorite book club friends.
Karen has a super cool grand piano (do you till have it Karen?)
Karen does fun things like go to New York with girlfriends for her birthday.
I haven’t seen Karen for several years, but she is still one of my favorites!

Here are some of Karen’s thoughts on Life Transitions:

March 25, 2011…It's a bit drizzly today, as it was the morning Annie arrived. It had been a long night, and Annie was born in a peacefully quiet delivery room, surrounded by tired people (Dad, Grandma DeAnn, a nurse or two and dear friend Julie Jones, CNM). That was March 25, 2006.

It's hard to imagine Annie as a 5 year-old, but at the same time, 5 years is such a short time ago compared to how long ago it feels. The hospital she was born in isn't even operating anymore (no pun intended). I never imagined her life would be so short.

The dank weather does not reflect my feelings today, however. Today I will be celebrating Annie's birth. I will take 5 colorful balloons to the cemetery. Tonight I will serve the kids a special treat, and we will share memories of their little sister.

Annie was the happiest baby I've ever known. She charmed everyone who met her, and had a smile for everyone. Someday I know I'll hold her in my arms again and smile back at her. Today I will celebrate the fact that I have another daughter, even though we aren't together now. I will celebrate the knowledge that we will be together forever when this short life is over. How appropriate that her birthday falls just before Easter. The understanding of Christ's resurrection has an even more special meaning to me now. I will be eternally grateful for what he has done for me, and Annie, and continue to take comfort in the knowledge that she is with Him.

Our drizzles have turned into snow, and a light blanket of white is beginning to build across my sprouting daffodils and crocuses. Pretty in white. Just like my Annie.

Thank you, Karen. I love you.

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  1. Still have the piano, but nary a piano student in the fam, currently. Thanks for the love and kind words. I feel so special being included in your awesome blog! All the best to you, Lori!