Life Changes—Aunt Sharon on a Diagnosis

Welcome back to Life Transitions.

Meet Aunt Sharon:

Aunt Sharon has beautiful auburn hair.
Aunt Sharon loves to read and helped me love to read.
Aunt Sharon was the greatest babysitter ever!
Aunt Sharon went on a church mission to Montana and Wyoming.
Aunt Sharon loves matter what.
Aunt Sharon used to have fun tweejit parties.
Aunt Sharon now has fun grandma parties.
Aunt Sharon is kind and wise and wonderful.
Aunt Sharon is truly a saint on earth.

Here are some of Aunt Sharon's thoughts on life transitions.

As we go through transitions, we embrace many of them. Marriages of our family members, learning to love the person they bring into our lives. The new little ones that we love before they arrive.

Others changes we learn to accept as we struggle to come to terms with the things we can't control. Freedom to choose for ourselves is wonderful. Watching those we love make choices we don't like is not so wonderful, but the God-given right to choose for ourselves is certainly a blessing and we know He will help us if we ask.

I was blindsided by the changes that I am going through right now. I planned to come home from my mission and step back into my busy active life. I wanted to get back to the temple and spend a lot of time there. But I have spent the past year of my life waiting to find out what is causing my body to do things that I have no control over. The doctors have been puzzled too. But finally, after a full year, they have come up with a name for what I am going through. It is called Progressive Supranuclear Palsy or PSP.

Now I am in the process of finding a way to make my life meaningful within the limits I have.

I know I am not alone, I am blessed with family and friends who are so helpful and kind, and I am learning to accept the help they offer. One of lives fears, that we all experience, is having to have others do things for us we can't do for ourselves any longer. The blessing is that as things change for us and for them, we discover ways that we can give back.

Thank you, Aunt Sharon. I love you and will be thinking of you during this life transition.

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