Life Changes—Cindy on "Daughter, Mother, Me?"

Welcome to Life Transitions. I am so excited to share inspiring stories from my wonderful family and friends. I have had a great response to this and have already spent time thinking, and crying, and laughing and feeling so grateful for the amazing people in my life!

Meet Cindy:
Cindy is beautiful and talented.
Cindy has a beautiful and talented husband with amazing blue eyes…he is her sweet lawyer husband.
Cindy has two beautiful and talented daughters with amazing blue eyes.
Cindy was my first friend in Oregon where are husbands went to law school together.
Cindy has amazing parents who loved and cared for Courtnee like she was theirs…
I wish Jack was still here!
Cindy can make all kind of super cool things, like personally designed Converse shoes.
Cindy is a great photographer.
Cindy taught me a lot about being a mom before she was a mom.
Cindy and I can still talk for hours and hours and hours.
Cindy lives in California so I don’t see her very often, but when I do, it is like I just saw her yesterday…I love friends like that.

Here are Cindy’s thoughts on Life Transitions:

So, yes. Things change. The only thing you can be sure of is that things do change and most of the time you will have absolutely no control. What you do have control over is how you deal with the change and the transition between the old and the new. I wish I could control the change.

I have loved every stage of my girls. But I would go back in a heartbeat to the baby/toddler stage. I have said this so many times (every birthday its a given) that my kids have run out of fingers to count the number of times and now just roll their eyes.

Cindy and girls 1 Cindy and girls 2
While I am dealing with the fact that my girls are growing up I am also dealing with the other end of the spectrum as my mom ages and needs more help. My dad died a year and a half ago. Talk about transition. I never thought about not having my parents around. I am so close to both of them and in a naive way just kind of denied the facts. Well, Dad is gone and the transition has taken some time. My three brothers and I now take responsibility for her. It has been a life changer for sure. I look at her differently and my time with her is more precious. I try to make memories out of simple things, like how it feels to kiss her pudgy cheek. Now, a kiss is not just a goodbye to me. I feel like I have to hold on to it, file it away, so I will have it when she is gone.

Cindy and parents JordanAlexandra-157
So here I am like a ping pong ball between two generations and still trying to figure out how the "Cindy" fits in. Both sides make me question what impact I want my life to have. Will I still be a photographer, science teacher. or ? Well, changes are coming. If I like it or not. The transition will be key and my game plan is to keep positive and look at the new opportunities the new change presents while trying not to be too sad over the loss of what is now gone.

Thank you, Cindy. I love you.

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