Springtime at Gardner Village


My friend Kelly and I visited Gardner Village last week for their Spring Sale and Open House. Although it didn’t feel very spring-like because it was snowing hard while we were there. Luckily we were inside most of the time enjoying beautiful items in the shops. While we were there we visited Down to Earth, The Village Quilt Shop, and Country Furniture and Gifts, and we lunched at Archibald's.

I just have to say that it is always a pleasure to shop at Gardner Village because of the village-like set up. The shops are housed in restored cottages, barns, and a flour mill so the architecture inside and out is quite delightful. Atmosphere is a big deal to me when I shop and dine and Gardner Village is loaded with atmosphere.

This particular excursion was all about textiles for me…rugs, upholstery, and most of all pillows! There was a great sale on wall art at Down to Earth and cute birds were nesting everywhere at Country Furniture and Gifts. Here are a few photos of my favorite things:

*Fabulous pillows at Down to Earth and The Village Quilt Shop

*Super cute rug samples. I want the samples to put on my tables.
Wouldn’t they make great trivets or decorative pieces to put lamps or bowls on?

*Did you know you can custom design your own chair at Down to Earth?
Choose your chair style and then choose from hundreds of great fabrics.

*Springy wall art…all 20% off at Down to Earth!
I’ve spied the birdcage art in Kelly’s family room…
and this time she really wanted the bright poppy-like picture (bottom right corner).

*Birds nesting all around Country Furniture and Gifts.

*Another cute chick in the store…yep, that’s Kelly. Don’t you love her coat!

I wanted everything, but was intending to leave with the & pillow and some birds, and then I saw this…


…and the clouds parted and the angels sang. I need this!
I need it for my cute reading nook that I am setting up in a little corner of my living room.
I need it because it is the perfect color for my whole home makeover.
I need it because of the great graphic floral print.
I need it because it would make me smile every day of my life!!!

Then I remembered that I had promised myself that I would only buy items for the dining room because I am doing this whole home makeover slowly…and one room at a time. I also remembered that I had brought the mini and there was no way that it would fit in there. And I was sad and I forgot about everything I had intended to get and bought some other things instead…

*A beautiful green vase that is also the perfect color for my whole home makeover,
and it fits perfectly in the dining room.
Don’t you love that texture?

*Some cute storage baskets that were 50% off…why didn’t I buy more?!
Oh yeah, it’s because I will still crushing on that fabulous settee!

*And I took advantage of the 20% off sale at Down to Earth,
and I scored the only one of these prints that they had.
I like it because it reminds me of friends, like Kelly,
and sisters like my 3,
and daughters like my 4.
And I love their red lipstick!


Spring time at Gardner Village is beautiful…and fun!

Dear beautiful robin’s egg blue settee…
Please wait for me! I will be back for you.
Lori C.

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