Thrift Store Thursday--Fashion Show

Can I just say that I am having so much fun at the thrift store! Maybe a little bit too much fun? It is so rewarding to find something and transform it into something else…something that it you…something that is yours. As I continue to embrace change in my life, changing something that was used and loved by someone else into something that is used and loved by me is one of my favorite changes of all. Also, I feel so correct when I am thrifting…

…environmentally correct because I am reusing.
…economically correct because I am spending my money wisely.
…politically correct because I am not discriminating against anyone or anything…except maybe labels.
…fashionably correct, or maybe more fashionably correct than my jeans and t-shirts.

My favorite thrift store right now is Deseret Industries. Why you might ask? Well, I will tell you.

First, it is about the only thrift store that carries adult clothing within 40 miles of my home.
Second, so many choices! Third, no sales tax! because Deseret Industries is owned and operated by the LDS Church. Fourth, Deseret Industries is a vocational rehabilitation facility. I like that by shopping there, I am helping someone else. Fifth, they have really cool stuff!

So now that I’ve rambled a bit, I’m going to share some pictures of me in my latest finds. Now, I know I am not very model-like. But I’m going to pretend that I am about 6 inches taller and 20 years younger…I hope you will pretend, too. Deep breath and here we go…

Outfit #1—Spring Cowgirl

Brown skirt—For the Republic $6
White cowgirl shirt—Gap $4
Turquoise flowered tights, belt, and boots--Mine

What I like about this outfit:
comfortable, swishy skirt with fun flower detail
fitted shirt, but not too fitted
crisp white fabric with very light brown stitching…subtle, but still cowgirl-like
pearl-like buttons on the placket, pockets and sleeves
bright, fun tights add a punch of color

Outfit #2—Messy Hair and Bright Flowers

Flowered skirt—Meg Allen for Liz Claiborne $6 (buy the same skirt here)
Black shirt—Frenchi at Nordstrom's $4
Black Belt—$2
Black shoes—unknown brand that I love—$5

What I like about this outfit:
comfortable, stretchy, no-wrinkle fabric
3/4 length sleeves
bright, happy colors for Spring (bonus: eyes drawn to the skirt instead of my messy hair)
ankle straps on the shoes!

Outfit #3—Red Lips and Mom Hips

Dress—Liz Claiborne $20 (tags still on and priced at $100 SCORE!)
Black shoes—see above
Big flower—Hildi’s $1

What I like about this outfit:
cool chest pockets and mandarin collar
ultra-comfy, stretchy fabric
believe-it-or-not it makes me feel longer and leaner
my great model look…cool!

Outfit #4—Black Jacket, Chins, and Thighs…Oh My!

Black Jacket--Charlotte Russe $6
Black patent leather shoes--Saks Fifth Avenue $5
Trouser Jeans—Mine
Headband—Hildi’s $1

What I like about this outfit:
not sure I like it anymore
big white buttons and black stitching on jacket
shiny, shiny shoes

Outfit #5—Twirly Girl

Skirt—Chadwick's $6
Blouse—Apostrophe $4
Red shoes—Vintage $4

What I like about this outfit:
Bright, graphic print twirly skirt (the skirt is too big so I just pulled it up high and belted it)
Sheer fabric and details on blouse front
Great, comfortable shoes with cool buckles…I can say I own something vintage
Fun, gold jewelry

So, there is my latest thrift store line-up.
Here is my little poem about my thrift store line-up:

Lots and Little

Lots of fun…little money!
Lots of embarrassment…little pride!
Lots of shopping…little cleaning!
Lots of chins…little nail polish!
Lots of skirts…little pants (we are all glad)!
Lots of photos…little that were useable!
Lots of time…little talent!
Lots of wordiness…little sleep!

I’ll stop now…The End

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