Transform Your Weekend

Some things I’m excited for this weekend:

-Heading south with my girls and 3 additional teenagers. Can’t wait for the warmer weather!
-Making Nutella Turnovers for 7 girls…and me.
-Beautiful photography by Alisha Stamper.
-Scallops and Ruffles.
-Wishing I could go shopping at the Paris Flea Market with Jordan.
-Browsing Amanda’s menu ideas and recipes…these look so good.
-Visiting my wonderful mom and dad in-law.

Happy weekend to you!

Paula’s Nutella Turnovers at bell'alimento

Alisha Stamper Photography

Scalloped Skirt

Flamenco Shower Curtain via House of Turquoise

Paris Flea Market

Menu ideas at Kevin and Amanda

Dad and Mom Cartwright

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  1. thanks for the mention. Have a marvelous weekend.