DIY Paint Chip Invitations

I’ve been stocking up on paint chips for my paint chip calendar, so I decided to use a few to create some rainbow party invites. I’m really loving paint chips for lots of easy craft projects…and did I mention they are FREE! Here are the super-easy instructions:

1. Enlist help from your favorite project girl (this time my project girl made a rainbow tag to match our party’s theme.)


2. Gather supplies: you will need two paint chips for each invitation, (I used Behr chips from Home Depot), a paper punch, some string, yarn, ribbon, or embroidery floss, and a project girl. I decided to stick with the free price range, and just used some yarn I already had.


3. Place two of the same colored paint chips back to back, and punch holes around the edges. Make sure that you punch the chips together, or the holes will not line up and the chips will not lace together properly.


4. Eyeball how much yarn you think you will need, and cut a piece a bit longer. With the paint chips back to back, begin threading at the top going from back to front, wrapping your yarn around the edge of the paint chip. Leave a short yarn tail at the first hole to tie to the other end of the yarn when you are finished threading. Make sure you have your project girl watch Phineas and Ferb while she is lacing away so that you can hear lots of giggling…it will make you smile.


When you are finished, tie the yarn ends together in a bow or knot…I chose knot…and trim your ends.


Find a permanent marker and write party details on your invitation…then make sure you take pictures before you deliver them.

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  1. these are really cute, Lori. I like them not only for invitations, but a nice, reusable busy activity for my 3 yr old in our car trip coming up. He loves these kind of things, but the ones I've seen retail are too bulky, and all the homemade ones are too flimsy for his little hands. This is perfect!