Transform Your Weekend

*Image from Odin Hole Standal via A Cup of Jo

Blogger has been down for the last couple of days, so I’m hoping everything in their super-complicated tech world is fixed. I’m hoping everything in my super painful back saga is getting fixed. I’m definitely feeling better…it is unbelievable what a couple nights of good sleep can do for you.

Here are a few things to Transform Your Weekend:

-Weekend treat: Blonde Rocky Road from Zupas.
-Paint Chip Art.
-Vote for Fictionist! I really like their music…and they met at BYU.
-I’m ready for a warm weather Picnic.
-Add some Turquoise to your house and your wardrobe.
-We eat pizza every Friday night…I’m going to try this recipe tonight.
-Loving Caleb's Crossing on the Kindle.
-A new blog to enjoy: Modern Mormon Men--the Manly Mommy Blog.
-Who wants to go to the Utah Festival of Books with me on June 4?
-Excited to watch Nienie tonight on 20/20!

I hope your weekend is lovely and full of change…the good kind. See you on Monday.

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