The Weekend Changes--Summer!

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I am still enjoying the lovely scenery at Snowbird and I actually saw skiers on the slopes this morning. Skiing on June 10th = crazy spring weather! Despite the snowy view, I'm thinking all about summer right now so this post will celebrate a seasonal change...Spring to Summer!

10 Changes to Enjoy this Weekend...and this Summer!

1. Yummy Picnic Sandwich recipes.
3. Change your sink to a Cooler.
4. Stylish Summer List (image above) via Say Yes to Hoboken.
5. Beautiful Summer Dress...perfect for Le Diner en Blanc.
6. Best Water Slide ever!
7. A No TV Summer, yes please.
8. A new way to serve Ice Cream.

*Only 9 because the stupid "vacation" computer isn't working anymore.

Have a beautiful weekend full of beautiful changes.

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