Change Your Design—Shorts Over 40?

What do you think about women over 40 wearing shorts? Read this oh-so-funny article on it here. I laughed out loud in the hair salon while I was reading it…especially at the last line.

I don’t feel strongly one way or the other. Yes, I am a woman over 40 and yes I have been a bit disheartened to notice that less-than-firm skin right above my knees. But, I’m trying hard to accept my aging body with all of its flaws. So yes, I do wear shorts sometimes, mostly for exercise, but I’m definitely gravitating towards skirts and casual dresses for everyday because they are so cool and fun for summer.

If you are a woman over 40, do you wear shorts? I think you should. You have worked hard to get to 40…and your knees look a lot better now than they will in 40 more years!

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  1. I am 47 and wear shorts. I love summer because my legs can be free. I have wondered if perhaps I am getting to old to wear shorts... but then I look around.... I could look worse. :)