The Weekend Changes

Steamboat Springs, CO

We are packing up for a week in Colorado…Steamboat Springs to be exact. We have lots of fun plans and are excited to spend some time together as a family. With such busy girls, the only time we are usually all together anymore is when we go somewhere else. Crazy!

We are also celebrating Lainey’s 13th birthday today. She is officially a teenager! We have spent a lot of her birthdays packing for, traveling, or actually on vacation. She has celebrated her birthday in lots of different places and with lots of different people. This morning we had a birthday/farewell breakfast with my sister and her husband and daughter who are returning to their home in California after 3 weeks in Utah. We will miss them…and when we see them again, they will have a son. He is due to arrive in August and I can’t wait to meet him. I foresee a visit to California in my near future.

After 20 years of trips with kids, we are pros, so getting ready is relatively stress free. Joe is kind of nervous because I seem so calm and I am not frantically doing things, but I have slowly been getting ready for the last week or so. I have a few loads of laundry left and some packing and then I’m good to go. Next week, I will be sharing some of the travel secrets we have learned over the years. Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy a few changes…

10 Changes to Enjoy this Weekend:

1. So sweet…A Diamond and a Princess. Make sure you click through all of the photos at the top.
2. A Backyard Love Letter via Design Sponge.
3. Are you switching from Facebook to Google Plus? Joe is really excited about this.
4. Not in your face, but Quiet Activism.
5. A fashion change..This is what you should bring to Paris…
6. …and more European fashion inspiration here and here.
7. A food change…Flawless Focaccia.
8. Disney’s Up House in Utah.
9. I am still working on my lists. Here is Laura's 21 before 6/21/12…good ideas.
10. Inspirational Concert Moment. I am so going to one of these Rooftop Concerts…on the list!

Abbey Road Show

Enjoy your weekend and all the changes it brings.

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