Healthy Changes—I’m going Vegetarian (sort of)


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I’m contemplating the idea of becoming a vegetarian.  Not really sure why, but it feels right at the moment.  I had a friend ask me yesterday “why?” and my answer was pretty much “why not?”  I’ve thought about it a little bit more over the last 24-hours and come up with a few more specific answers:

1.   I’ve become “food conscious.”
After watching some food documentaries over the past few months, doing a bit of research,  having a few discussions, experimenting with some recipes, menus, and weeks of no-meat, I’m convinced that vegetarianism is the safest, healthiest, and most natural way to go.  These are a few of the movies that have swayed my thinking…and eating.
Food, Inc.
Food Matters
Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead
2.  So many other choices.
I recently watched Change Your Food, Change Your Life and realized that being a vegetarian is not as limiting as I thought.  The movie is not the greatest, but it was worth plowing through to get to the final segments that featured vegetarian choices at home, at the grocery store, and in restaurants.  Actually, the choices were vegan, which I’m not venturing into, but even that almost seemed doable.  It is so easy to find and adapt recipes via the internet, that becoming a vegetarian seems relatively easy.

3.  A bounty of veggies.
It is easy right now to find lots of fresh vegetables…and it is cheap.  Food always tastes best when it is fresh and yummy tasting food will make the transition a lot easier.

4.   A kick start.
I am really in a menu-planning, cooking, eating slump.  There are just too many choices and I’m constantly overwhelmed by trying to discover the perfect meals…healthy, inexpensive, easy.  This narrows my choices a bit and gets me excited about the whole planning, shopping, cooking scenario.
5.   More energy. 
Everything I’ve read about vegetarianism, and my own little experiments, convinces me that becoming a vegetarian will give me more energy.  I hope so because I could really use it!
6.   Lose a few pounds.
After 6 months of no running, I’ve put on some extra weight and this seems like a healthy way to lose it and make some permanent changes.
7.   I’m not getting any younger.
I think I’m about half-way through life, and there is no more messing around with my health.  I’ve got a lot of things left to do and I’m going to need optimal health to do it.
8.   My girls.
Daughters two and three have actually been talking about being vegetarians for a long time…daughter two because she doesn’t like meat and daughter three because she loves animals.  I told them they had to wait until they weighed 100 lbs., but it doesn’t look like that is ever going to happen, so we’ll try it out now.

9.   My husband.
I worry about his health…a lot.  He had a sister and brother both die from diet-related diseases and I want him around for a long time.  He has lots of plans, too.

10.   I have a crazy need to do things differently.
I’m pretty sure that if most people were vegetarians, than I wouldn’t even consider it!

I think those answers sum it up pretty well.  I have to say I’m a bit surprised at people’s reactions when I mention this change.  Some people even get a bit defensive.   For the record, I do not think you are a bad person if you eat meat.  I am still going to eat meat occasionally…I am a pseudo turkey farmer after all…and my family will probably eat meat more than occasionally. 
This is one change I am definitely looking forward to.  Is this a change you would like to make, too?

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