Healthy Changes—Factory Farms

Factory Farm Map


A product of Food and Water Watch, the Factory Farm Map website lets consumers know where the highest concentration of factory farms are located in the country.  Do you know what a Factory Farm is or why it might not be the best place to purchase your food from?  Read this from Factory Farm Map and you will…

We wanted to illustrate something that people in rural America have known for a long time: family farms are being replaced by factory farms, and these facilities are overwhelming some regions of the country. This method of raising livestock harms rural communities and puts small family farms out of business. It takes away consumers’ choice at the grocery store, makes food safety problems happen on a larger scale, and creates more waste than the surrounding environment can adequately absorb. It keeps animals packed tightly together inside buildings, leading to stress and disease that are managed with treatments like the constant use of antibiotics that can ultimately harm public health.

By concentrating the amount of animals into one factory farm, and factory farms into one part of the country, we concentrate the effects of their waste on the environment, while sending products from unsustainable, potentially unsafe facilities far and wide before a problem is even detected, putting consumers all over the country at risk.



The map is 4 years old, but I would bet that there are actually more factory farms now than there were in 2007.  You can find out just how many factory farms there are in your state and county on this website…I live in a county where the density of factory farms is high.  Not good for me, my family, the animals, or the environment.  How do you feel about factory farms?  Is this just a problem in America, or is this a world-wide problem?

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