The Weekend Changes


This weekend is all about football at our house…high school Homecoming game last night which we won 31-0!  Go Cowboys!  And today is the big in-state rivalry between BYU and the U of U.  Joe and I are going to the game where we will cheer for BYU, our alma mater.  We have both been cheering for BYU since we remember, we both have BAs from BYU, and on my side of the family we hold 7 BAs from BYU, 3 MAs, and 1 PhD.  The next generation of Cougars is installed at BYU as well…daughter number one and her husband are both juniors there.  I guess we bleed blue so Go Cougars!  We will be tailgating in the parking lot west of the practice field…stop by and say “hello” if you want to.  I think a few Utes will be there as well so if you are a Ute fan, you are still invited, just play nice.

A few changes to enjoy this weekend:

1.   Beauty change:  Fall Beauty…pricey stuff, but fun to dream.
2.   Healthy change:  Peas and Thank You.
3.   Life change:  Slow Mama.
4.   Design change:  Painted Floors…would you do this?
5.   Design change:  Chic Chalkboard.
6.   Perspective change:  Real or not so real?
7.   Food change:  bake your cookies in a Waffle Iron.
8.   Thing change:  Paper Bliss.
9.   Seasons change:  Fall Bucket List.
10. Inspiration:  a toast to summer...and fall.

I’m off to tailgate and enjoy the football game.  I think it is going to be perfect fall football weather tonight!  Enjoy your weekend…hope you have good changes.

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