The Weekend Changes



So excited to head for the mountains this weekend!  I love to spend lots of time outside in the fall…the temperature is perfect and there are so many lovely things to look at.  In preparation for our adventure, I’ve been cooking up a storm all day and I’m so happy to be using fall-like ingredients such as pumpkin, cornmeal, apples, cinnamon and nutmeg.  More football this weekend as well…hopefully things will go better than last week.  I’m also working on another slideshow for Kirtsy that is all about the fall tradition of tailgating.  More on that next week.  I hope you are looking forward to some fun things this weekend.  Here a a few changes…

10 Changes to Enjoy this Weekend:

1.   Fashion changes:  Geeky Glasses are the new cool!
2.   Life changes:  The 5,000 Days Project:  Two Brothers.
3.   Life changes:  Healing Music.
4.   Design changes:  I'm a Giant Challenge…Halle and I are planning on doing this!
5.   Healthy changes:  Hidden Veggie Pancakes.
6.   Things change:  Washer Ribbon Necklace…we are making these this weekend.
7.   Beauty changes:  Homemade Beauty Products.
8.   Seasons change:  First Day of Fall and Autumn.
9.   Food change:  Caramel Cheesecake Apple Dip.
10.  Inspiration from Modern Home Modern Baby via Design Mom

I say this because some days I think that I’m just writing a journal here and it doesn’t mean a thing. But then I think about all the blogs I’m addicted to, the lives of the writers and how their words spill across my screen. And how much I need to absorb all those experiences, like the collective consciousness or something. And, finally, how I fold into my own life those words circling out there, waiting to be the inspiration of change.”

Have a great weekend!

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