Design Changes—Lampshades…Gold or Silver?


Image via House of Turquoise


I love this kitchen…I am currently having a love affair with black and white kitchens and bright color pops.  But what really stood out to me in this image was the chandelier and the gold metallic paper lining the shades.  Isn’t it lovely how they glow…almost like candlelight.  It reminded me of this post by Jenny of Little Green Notebook.  It is a great DIY on how to line your own lampshades. 


Image from Little Green Notebook


Jenny lined her lampshade with silver instead of gold for a lighter and cooler effect.  I have a lamp or two I would like to try this on, but I can’t decide between silver and gold.  I have both in my décor because I’m trying not to be too matchy.  What do you think…should I go with the lighter and cooler silver paper or the darker and warmer gold?  I’m currently on a mission to lighten up everything in my house so I’m leaning towards silver, but I do like that gold!

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