The Weekend Changes



Happy weekend!  If you are dropping by via Kirtsy, welcome to my blog.  This space is where I celebrate change, one blog post at a time.  Here are a few posts to get you started…

Life changes:  Remember.
Design changes:  Me + Kirtsy.
Healthy changes:  Lovely Advice.
Things change:  Paint Chip Calendar.
Thrifty changes:  $ Store Crafts.
A Change of Pace:  Walking to Running.

A list of links to seasonal changes can be found on my sidebar…the month of October is all about fall, pumpkins, and Halloween.

Now, my list of 10 changes to enjoy this weekend:

1.   Seasons change:   Time to Tailgate…a Kirtsy slideshow by me.
2.   Things change:  Old Doors to Sofa.
3.   Techy change:  the Kindle Fire.
4.   Beauty change:  Burt's Bees for Sensitive Skin.
5.   Food change:  Food Flags.
6.   Healthy change:  October 1 is World Vegetarian Day!  Be a vegetarian for a day.
7.   Seasons change:  Plush Pumpkins.
8.   Design change:  Copper.
9.   Celebrate change:  Fall Pumpkin Celebration.
10.  Inspiration all weekend long at LDS General Conference…I so look forward to this!

Thanks for stopping by…please come again to celebrate the idea that “things change!”

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