Healthy Changes—Turkey and No Turkey

Image at Martha Stewart

We are at the pinnacle of turkey time at our house.  Remember when I wrote about our stint as turkey farmers here?  Well the turkeys are done growing, the auctions are starting, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.  Tonight we will spend a few hours at the turkey pens tagging turkeys and weighing them and then send them off to be processed.  I will write more about this later…too busy right now.

Ironically, I thought I would share this link to Meatless Thanksgiving Recipes from Martha.  Meatless is always healthier, but the second best thing is eating a Thanksgiving turkey that you’ve raised yourself.  I know exactly what went into my turkey and exactly what is going into me.  What about you?  Where are you getting your turkey for Thanksgiving?  what is in it?  what is going to be in you?  Just saying…

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