The Weekend Changes

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I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful!  I spent the morning on the golf course, the afternoon cooking and feasting, the evening cleaning and recovering.  The weather was perfect and the food was perfect, but my favorite part was celebrating with family.  We are with the Cartwrights this week, and since we don't see each other often, we are enjoying every single minute we can.  

Now that the feasting is over, we are transitioning into the Christmas season.  Here are a few of the seasonal changes we are enjoying...

1.   Family Movie and Girl Movie...the holidays always mean movies for us.
2.   We are getting a jump on holiday gifts by making these.
3.   Turkey Cranberry Quesadillas are using up our leftovers.
4.   Thinking about family photos and Christmas cards...I want to order mine from Pinhole Press.
5.   I love the She & Him Christmas Album and I am happily playing it in the car (Joe made me wait until today).
6.   I'm planning on a "natural and white" theme for holiday decor this year...things like this wreaththese ornaments, and this tree or this tree.

*Impossible to blog with 24 people milling about, kids in and out of the pool, the oven smoking, and everyone trying to make plans for the rest of the night...I'm cutting it short!

7.   Inspiration...What Adults can from learn Kids?

Happy Weekend...I hope you are loving your leftovers as much as we are.  Pie for breakfast anyone?

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