More Life Changes…A Sedate Beginning

Rosemary Wreath from All About You

December 1…unbelievable!  Everything right now feels a bit unbelievable, though, because I am full of pain killers and recovering from another rotten root canal.  I spent all of Tuesday pumping myself full of Ibuprofen and then begging the dentist to cut off half of my head…he wouldn’t.  Instead he sent me to an endodontist on Wednesday morning who also wouldn’t cut off half of my head, but he did agree to give me a root canal in exchange for a lot of money and a lovely few hours of sedation. 

Sedation was a new experience for me…I have never been sedated for anything in my entire life, I’ve never even had “laughing gas (in fact I told my sister that they gave me nitric acid!).   The dentist told me it would be the best dentist appointment I had ever had and I think he was right, but I don’t remember.  There were a few strange side affects like restless legs that they gave me more medication for and for some reason they took my boots off?  Maybe I was kicking the dentist.  The new medication made me sick so then I threw up a couple of times…also a first because I’ve never thrown up except in the comfort of my own bathroom.  I learned all of this via Joe and I really don’t remember anything from the “nitric acid” to waking up in my own bed 4 hours later.

I know something happened, though, because today my face is very sore and swollen, but less sore than before so I guess I’m glad that I still have my entire head.  I have never had such severe pain for so long!  I had just had that tooth filled a month earlier, but apparently it had cracked open and the nerve was dying a very slow and painful death, and taking me down with it.  Everything seems good now, but I will know better in a few days.  I’m learning that healthy changes are not only expensive, but often painful.

I had very different plans for this week that included painting my main floor a lovely gray, decking the halls, and crafting lovely things from all the pinecones and branches in my yard.  Instead I am in bed eating mashed potatoes and sleeping through Netflix movies.  I guess this is just another reminder that life changes…and it gives me some quiet time to think of all the things I am grateful for like Netflix, and a bed, and mashed potatoes, and a warm house and sunshine on a cold windy day, and endodontists, and “nitric acid,” and sedation, and X-rays, and teeth, and pain killers and a lovely family that laughs at everything I’m saying, but delivers food and beverages to my bedside.  My life is so good!

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  1. HAHAHA! Sedation is always an interesting experience. I'm glad you didn't have to feel it though.