The Weekend Changes


I’m glad the weekend is here, but it is going to be a busy one for us.  We have a dance recital tonight and a piano recital tomorrow morning, lots of projects to wrap up, and I think it is time to start thinking about a bit of shopping.  And speaking of shopping, what a change shopping has undergone in the last decade!  On-line shopping has opened up a whole new world of products and convenience.

I still remember the first time that I ordered a majority of Christmas gifts on-line.  I had four little girls and we lived in a small mountain town that was at least 30 mins. away from any kind of shopping.  It was so lovely to send my older two girls to school, light a fire, and let my 2 year-old play while I held my baby and shopped in my PJs.  A lot of people thought we were crazy then, to be sharing our card numbers all over the world, but we have yet to encounter a problem with fraud or theft.  Now that my girls are older, it is much easier for me to shop, but I still prefer shopping from home, and sometimes in my PJs. 

So in recognition of the wonderful change in shopping, these weekend changes are all about on-line shopping….Great Gift Lists from some Great Bloggers:

-Joanne Goddard’s gift lists for Moms, Dads, sisters, brothers…and more to come.
-Jordan Ferney’s lists…10 Experiences to Give and 10 Things to Give.
-Design Sponge’s lists…so many!  Here are a few of my favorites, Gift Guide for DIY Lovers, Ginny's Homebody Holidays, and $25 and Under.
-Kirtsy’s DIY Stocking Stuffers.
-Creature Comfort’s Gifted Magazine.

Have a great weekend.  I hope it is full of lovely changes.

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