Life Changes—Inventory


Image from Quote Book via Mama Marchand


I hope you enjoyed your weekend…mine started out great and ended up not so great.  It was just another familiar pattern of incredible tooth pain, Percocet-induced coma, Percocet-induced nausea, and a big fat guilt trip.  Awesome!  Looking forward to more antibiotics, more appointments, more nausea, and less money.

Moving on.  I’m still working on becoming efficient, and organizing my life and time and I thought I would share an article, by Rachel DeMille that  I’m using to help map my course.  I have used some of these principles for years, a few things I picked up from this book and this book, but I really like the way they are written here

One of the best ways I’ve found to set my priorities in life is to list my “roles” and then review each area and where I need to make some changes.  Rachel calls that “inventory.”  It makes a huge difference in how I plan my time at the beginning of each week and my sense of accomplishment at the end of the week.  I’ve done this minimally for longer range goals, but this year I’m incorporating it into my yearly plan.

This kind of planning is especially helpful when life is handing you gifts like illness, injury, disappointment, job changes, moving, etc.  That way, you know you are taking care of the things that really matter and you can let everything else go. 

Read Rachel's article and see if it is helpful to you as you plan your new year.  By the way, I found this article via Home Made Happy.  It is one of my favorite blogs to read when I need a reminder to slow down and enjoy the simple and meaningful things in life…things I love, like cooking from scratch, sewing, teaching and learning, outside, faith, and a beautiful home. 


  1. I am so inspired by this quote & love the fun, handwritten graphic. Where did you find it? The link takes me to Mama Marchand's main page, but I can't find the image. I love your take on establishing priorities & reviewing our "roles". :)

  2. Hi, there! Isn't that quote great? :) Just wanted to let you know that while I wish I had created that graphic, it wasn't me. :) I pinned it on Pinterest awhile back and used it in a blog post but credited the pin which shows the original source. Here's the pin:

    Someone just emailed me asking if they could use it! That's how I found you. :) Just wanted to clear that up! Hugs!