2012 Changes—Healthy Mind Platter

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February--Be Happy

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Yesterday’s post on Depression was a bit heavy, so I’m adding a large dose of hope to the blog today.  First up, The Healthy Mind Platter.  This is such a simple and great reminder of what we need to do every day to be happy.  I know from lots and lots and lots of experience that when I pay attention to these 7 areas, my depression is minimal and life is good.  When I don’t, the depression sets in and my physical health heads downhill.

Another thing I’ve noticed, balancing these different areas is also important…and sometimes a bit tricky.  When I spend too much time in one area, than I start to feel off.  I can usually tell which area I’ve been neglecting because I start to have mental cravings.  Sometimes, I crave a creative project, a mental challenge, or some serious down time when my mind is on overload.  When I start to feel my anxiety levels building or I’m getting grumpy, I know I need some more “physical time.”  When I’m feeling depressed, I usually need more “connecting time” or just some extra sleep.

Take some time this month to assess your mental health and happiness, using the mind platter.  It just might lead to some of the best changes you can make.

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  1. I do not have enough time for half of those, but we already knew I didn't have a healthy mind, right?