Mom Moment—Pet Campaigns



My girls have been campaigning for a puppy…a dorkie to be exact.  This is not new for us.  Over the years they have asked for dogs, kittens, hamsters, fish, and even chickens.  Every time they ask, we give them the same answer…write a proposal.  And they do.  I think this strategy began when Lainey wanted chickens at age 7.  Her proposal listed all all the pros and cons of having chickens with the pros heavily outweighing the cons.  She added some art work and an essay.  It was brilliant…and she got her chickens.

One of the best things about this strategy is the girls really have to think through what they want, what they are willing to do, and their commitment level.  It has also helped them to think more analytically and creatively.  They have come up with some really great ideas for working together, carrying more responsibility, and making room for something new in their lives.

The current puppy campaign has lasted for the past 8 weeks.  It has included making lists, research on names and breeds, financial discussions, and a lot of schedule reviews.  The logical part of the campaign is easy for me to resist.  But my girls know they can almost always get me to say “yes” by appealing to my emotional side.  When I woke up from my Sunday nap a few weeks ago,  Halle had made the chalkboard list above, and Riley left these posters on my dresser.  Now, how do I say “no” to that?




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