The Weekend Changes

Image at Petite Vanou

Happy weekend!  Doesn’t this image make you want to create something lovely?  I have a list and a pile of projects I want to work on, but I’m too tired to get started.  New puppies are exhausting…almost like having a newborn. 

The puppy has to be taken to the potty a couple of times a night, and I’ve been the fortunate volunteer this week.  That means that I get up at 2 a.m. and take the puppy out…he won’t go because he is too upset about being in his kennel.  We come in and he cries and yelps until I get him back up at 6:30 and he has gone potty in his kennel.  I take him outside…he won’t go because he is too upset and he already went.  I get the girls off to school, try to get a few things done, and take a nap.  Then, I can’t go to sleep at night and the cycle starts all over again.  Thank goodness there is no school on the weekend so the girls can take a turn taking the puppy to the potty!

I've discovered that I really need my sleep to be happy!  So, while I catch up on some sleep in between potty runs, here are some changes for you to enjoy:

*The Colour Clock keeps changing…via Design Mom.

*More Design Mom…a Happiness Interview.

*The Folka Dots make me happy…the music, and that name!

*The Oscars are this weekend.  Will you watch?

*This dessert gets my vote.

*I love this artwork via House of Turquoise. …considering it for a DIY.

*Inspiration…Finding Happiness.

And here are a few changes you might have missed:

*2012 Changes:  The Happiness Project.

*Puppy Love.

*Design Changes--A Bedroom Redo.

Enjoy your weekend, enjoy life’s changes.

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