Happiness Commandment #6—Live Today

life's too short to fold fitted sheetsbe awesome yes, yes.yes it is! QuoteHA! This is true in sooooo many ways! :)

*I think I’ve mentioned before that I am a very visual person.  It is how I experience life.  So while I was working on My Happiness Commandments, I used a lot of typography to get focused.  It was one way for me to recognize what truly resonates with me.

Happiness Commandment #6—Live Today

I’m not very much of a live-in-the-moment kind of girl.  I wish I was.  I’m usually thinking about what I need to do for whatever is next.  Sometimes I’ll experience something really big, something that I want to remember forever, but I’m so focused on what is next, that I don’t really feel the moment.

I am, however, really good at procrastinating…especially when it is something I really do not want to do.  I will find all kinds of things to do instead of the one task that I really need to do.  I should write a book about this because it is one thing that I’m really an expert at!

So, Commandment #6 is a reminder for me to really live each day fully…the whole carpe diem thing.  Make the most of my time, seize the moment, enjoy the journey, dive in, and suck every bit of life I can out of every single day.  Just reading this makes me happy!

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