Chasing Away the Blue Devils

One of my favorite authors is Sandra Dallas. Her stories make me want to curl up on a rainy day with a blanket and something yummy to nibble on with a toasty fire to keep me warm and a jug of flowers that I can see out of the corner of my eye. One of her most memorable characters is Hennie Comfort from Prayers for Sale.

I want to be Hennie’s neighbor. She is an amazing woman…I hope I’m just like her when I’m eighty-six. She is strong and smart and sensitive and a survivor. She has friends with names like Bijou and Nit. She is a quilter and gardener and she has a sign on her front gate that says, “Prayers for Sale.” Sometimes Hennie gets what she calls the “blue devils” and sometimes I get them, too. Isn’t "blue devils” a great name for those times when you feel like you are wallowing in a pit of despair and discouragement?

Anyway, sometimes when I have the blue devils, I hide in the basement theater room and watch mindless tv all day and wait for them to go away…it doesn’t usually work. Today I decided to take a different approach. I put on my happy cowgirl shirt and my colorful fuzzy socks. I put on red lipstick and earrings and did some dishes and laundry. And I’m sitting down to my computer to find some wonderful happy images to share with you. I’m also ignoring the torrential rain and wind storm that is beating against the eight windows in my loft where I am working (eight windows is making it hard to ignore). And I’m enjoying listening to my not-feeling-so great 12 year-old laugh at Phineas and Ferb. I just may be able to chase those blue devils away after all!

Happy Clothes at Old Navy

Happy rainbow party idea at oh happy day

Did you know that tape can be happy?

Gene Davis Painted Street Ali Loves Curtis

Better Together - Arcvhival Art Print 3.5x5
Happy birds that are better together

An image of the happy belt that I just bought at the DI for $2 (I love a good deal!)

Are you feeling happy? I am…blue devils gone for today.

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