The Pioneer Woman

I just discovered this website hosted by Ree Drummond. It is funny, informative, inspiring, and has lots and lots of great cowboy pictures…who doesn’t love a great cowboy picture? I have often tried to convince my sweet lawyer husband that he really wants to be a sweet cowboy husband, but he isn’t buying it. So I will live out my “ranch owning, horseback riding, calf roping, acres of open land” fantasy by reading Ree's blog.

Did I mention that the last time I rode a horse it ran away…with me on it…and I fell off and landed face-first in a giant shrub and broke my nose and scraped up my face and legs? Did I mention that it happened 5 days before my daughter’s wedding? Did I mention that it was my future son-in-laws horse and that her name is Calamity Jane? Did I mention that my now son-in-law is a cowboy?

I think my sweet lawyer husband is smart and he wants his wife around for a long time and he has seen me in enough accidents with small mobile devices like scooters, and horses, and snowmobiles, and stools. Ranch life would not be good for my safety or his sanity.

Incidentally, I’m going to suggest this book to my book club for our next read.

Here are the disclaimers in Ree's own words:

“The book contains such themes as lust, upheaval, disappointment, reevaluation, death, passion, divorce, agriculture, manure, despondency, and childbirth…not necessarily in that order.”

I can’t wait to read it!

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