A Cultural Change

Halle at the China Fair sharing many, many interesting facts about China:

*there was only one Empress in China

*foot binding was "weird"

*the abacus was invented in China

*Chinese calligraphy is beautiful and hard to do

*the great wall of China has human remains in it (really?)

*Chinese dragons are really cool and so is: crystalinks.com

Halle--you know lots more about China than I do! But I was proud of myself for:

*dressing you in a Japanese kimono

*buying you a fan at Hildi's that was "made in China"

*using RICE Krispies to help you make your dragon

*painting little lips on you with red lipstick

*coming to your open house to admire your hard work, snap photos and
deliver you a lunch of

wait for it...

...a Subway turkey sandwich (don't ask).

I Love you "Little China Girl."

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