A Fun Change... that Changed

For a change of pace and something to brighten up the yucky, cold, winter day, I thought it would be fun to celebrate Groundhog Day. We were all going to be home on a weeknight, a rare occurrence, so I shopped for some yummy cooking ingredients and checked netflix for the Bill Murray movie, "Groundhog Day." On the menu: spinach salad, white bean and chicken chili, garlic cheese biscuits, and raspberry cheesecake.

Before the party commenced, I thought I would take the dogs out for a quick run in the fields (only fun for about 20 minutes; when I was done after 45 minutes I couldn't talk because my lips were numb). On the way back I saw lots of firetrucks at our church down the street and when I went to see what was happening, this was what I found:

This picture was actually taken about two hours later. Earlier, there were huge puddles of water all over the carpet. One of the fire sprinklers broke and flooded the entire chapel. The firefighters were literally using snow shovels to try and get the water out of the church. The bench cushions and carpet were soaked and the ceiling has obvious water damage. Halle was actually there when it happened and she helped get the hymn books out and use towels to block the water from soaking the wooden floor in the gym. I took the dogs home and came back with our shop vacuum to start sucking up water.

Needless...our Groundhog Day party didn't happen. Riley had to cheer, anyway, so we weren't all home after all--I knew it was too good to be true. The rest of us ate burgers from American Burger and their yummy fries, tried the cheesecake that didn't have time to set up, and watched American Idol. But hey,


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