Spring Clean Up—Maintenance and Motivation

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Time to wrap up spring cleaning week. I’ve learned a lot of things about cleaning this week…the most important is that I like to blog about cleaning more than I like to clean. Remember when I scheduled 15 hours to clean this week…well I’m not even close to that and the house is in a state of complete disarray. I did however host a book club, cook some new recipes, get back to the gym, watch some basketball, paint some furniture, go to a school musical, and blog my head off. Really!

So, I will round up the lawyer and the girls tomorrow and we will tackle a few cleaning chores and hope that things go better next week. Here are a few things that might inspire you to do some cleaning…

Cleaning inspiration: How to Hate Cleaning Less, Part 1 at Almost Famous.

Sign up for Martha’s Organizing Tip of the Day and receive advice that will encourage and guide you to organized bliss.

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Reduce clutter following Babble's guidelines. There are a lot of really great practical tips here. Some that I like are:

-Sell your DVDs and use the proceeds to rent movies on Netflix or iTunes.
-Ditto CDs.
-Scan loose photos and store them digitally (this is my New Year’s resolution every year, sigh!).
-Go paperless and have bank statements emailed to you.
*The basic premise of each tip is get rid of things you don’t use…less to maintain, clean, and find a place for. I like that idea a lot!

*Photos at Babble.com

Accept Whole Living's challenge to Purge Your Pantry and Check Your Cans.

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I have done some de-cluttering this week and I love the way it feels to have less to care for. Then I have more time to care for the things that I really want to like the lawyer and the girls and myself.

Happy Homekeeping!

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