Celebrating Easter…the Religious Part

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There are so many fun, spring-celebrating parts to Easter, but here at the Cartwright house, we like to keep some focus on the religious part of Easter. We are Mormon, and Mormons are Christians, so at Easter we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who we believe is our Savior. We still love eggs and bunnies and baskets and jelly beans and chocolate, so we celebrate the fun part of Easter on Saturday and the more meaningful part of Easter on Sunday. We like that because it gives each part of Easter its proper due…and it means Easter lasts all weekend. Here are a few things that we do in our family to celebrate the religious part of Easter:


-Easter Sunday is extra special with new Easter clothes…it helps Easter Sunday stand out from the other 52 Sundays of the year that we go to church and it reminds us of the new life we receive from our Savior.

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-Make Thieves Oil…according to legend, this oil is similar to the precious oils that were used to anoint the body of the Savior after he was crucified. It smells so good! I like to put it in a pretty glass jar in the kitchen window sill. It is pretty in the light and every time we are at the kitchen sink, which is often, it reminds us of the Savior. It is great to pour into a bath, use for an Easter lesson, or give as a hostess gift. We like to rub a few drops into our hands as we are reading the story of the Savior’s Atonement from the Bible.

Thieves Oil
cinnamon sticks
cold-pressed olive oil

Press each herb and spice through a garlic press and fill a jar.
Add oil to the jar and cover the jar with a lid or cork.
Keep covered 10 days, then open and strain to collect the oil.

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-Easter brunch and a scripture reading…we eat an extra-nice meal with candles and flowers and then we get our scriptures and open a special carton of eggs that sums up the Easter story.



-Watch this video from a beloved Mormon leader for spiritual inspiration.

Jeffrey R. Holland


What do you do at your home to remember the religious significance of Easter?

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