DIY Religious Easter Craft


This is a fun and easy way to celebrate the religious part of Easter.  All you need is an egg carton, some plastic eggs, and a few items from around your house. You can add whatever you want to dress it up a bit.


1. Number your eggs from 1-12. I used small white tags that I purchased at Wal-Mart and cut the numbers from some scrapbook paper. You can also use stickers or just write the numbers on your eggs with a Sharpie. The tags were on white string and the eggs had tiny holes on them so I threaded the string through the hole and taped the string to the inside of the egg.


2. Label your tags with the corresponding scriptures or type a list and adhere to the inside of the box.

1—Matthew 26:39
2—Matthew 26:14-15
3—Matthew 27:1-2
4—Matthew 27:24
5—Matthew 27:28-30
6—Matthew 27:31-32
7—Matthew 37:35-36
8—Matthew 27:50-54
9—Matthew 27:58-59
10—Matthew 27:60
11-Mark 16:1-4
12—Matthew 28:5-6



3. Add the following items to the corresponding eggs:

1—a small cup
2—30 dimes
3—a small piece of rope
5—a piece of red cloth
9—a piece of white cloth
10—dried herbs or spices
11—a rock
12—leave empty



4. Grab a Bible and your family and take turns reading the scriptures and opening the eggs…a great way to spend time as a family celebrating the religious part of Easter. Or add some fun pretties and give the carton as a gift.

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