Thrift Store Thursday—Conscious Consumerism

You might be wondering why I like thrift stores so much. You’re not wondering? Well, I’m going to tell you anyway. At least I’ll tell you one reason…it is all about “conscious consumerism.” I’m trying to think a little bit more about my stuff and where it comes from and what that means to me, my community, my world, my planet. You should think about that too…everyone should. So if you haven’t thought about that lately, or ever, here are two good things to get you started.

1. The Story of Stuff Project began with this great video and has expanded to a website and other videos dedicated to “build a more sustainable and just world.” It is a bit political and a bit environmental, but we should all be a bit more political and a bit more environmental. Watch this video and decide what you can do to be a more “conscious consumer.”

Conscious Consumerism

2. Your Money or Your Life is a great book that will get you thinking about money and life and if you want to give up having a life for having money. Read this book and decide what you can do to make the most of your money and your life.

Thrifting, conscious consumerism, money vs. life…these are all good things to think about, and good changes to make.

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