Change Your Life—Bird Watching

I always thought bird watching might be a bit boring, but I have to say I am riveted by the Decorah Eagle Family. You can watch them via live video feed that is streamed online 24/7; they use an infrared light at night and they are still easy to see, but not quite as active. You can also watch past footage of the eggs hatching, about 2 weeks ago, and the eggs being laid, about two months ago. I check in on those eagles a couple of times a day and my daughters think they are pretty cool, too. Right now, the mother is sitting on the babies keeping them nice and warm. Her feathers are pretty ruffling in the wind. Do you think watching a live video feed counts as “bird watching?”

Thanks to Karen for the link.

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  1. Like! We tuned in the other night and happened to catch both parent eagles there at the same time! A rare treat.