Life Changes--Learning to Love Spring

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I hope your weekend was lovely! Mine was a weekend of extremes: warm and sunny then 4 inches of snow; a crazy-busy-fun-loud party then several hours of relaxing and receiving a spiritual boost while listening to LDS General Conference. It was all great.

Now, I have a confession…I’m not too excited about the change in seasons this year. No, I am not a winter-lover and Utah winters tend to be brown and gray and dreary and cold. Also, I haven’t been much of a skier for the last several years, so it isn’t the farewell to ski season that is getting me down. I do have allergies that flare up in the spring and sometimes cause such severe vertigo that I can’t move for a week without extreme nausea. But even that isn’t what is causing my spring apprehension.

After all, there are things that I like about spring like warmer weather, and the color green, and lots more time outside. I like lighter and brighter clothes and Easter and fresh garden peas and the increased amounts of sunlight. So, “what is her problem?” I’m sure you are asking. Well, I will tell you…

I am DREADING yard work this year! I can’t even look at my yard right now, when I drive up to my house, I stare at the white garage door and pretend that I don’t have a front yard…as for the back yard, I’m not even going to go there. If I do catch a glimpse of the yard, then I am so tired that I have to go upstairs to my bedroom and take a nap. Not really, but I always want to.

Please don’t think that I am a whiney, ungrateful person. I am grateful for my yard and I am grateful for my healthy body that can work in my yard, but sometimes it feels like I can’t handle one more thing, and right now the yard is the one more thing. Time for a change in perspective!

So this week I’m going to get excited about yard work! I’m going to notice my tulips and daffodils that are popping up everywhere. I’m going to celebrate the fact that my phlox and gold basket is starting to bloom and that over in a little corner is a beautiful forsythia bush loaded with blossoms. I’m going to be grateful that all my perennials are coming back and try not to notice the weeds that are coming back too. I’m going to eat fresh chives from my garden on everything. I’m going to make some time to do some pruning and weeding while the sun is shining. I’m going to remember that I can’t get the summer garden results that I love (see above photo) without putting in the spring garden work. And most of all, I’m going to accept the fact that my yard, just like my life, is not perfect, but it’s mine and I’m going to make the very best of it I can.

If you need a bit of spring pick me-up, here are some things that might help:

*Martha Stewart patio furniture

*Home Depot Garden Club.

*Pink Pruners at Clarington.

*Watering hose from Alice Supply Co.

*Knee pad by Fiskars (one of my favorite garden tools)

Happy planting (and hopefully happy weeding, pruning, composting, etc.)!

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