Life Changes—Healing

I hurt! My body hurts because it is getting older and lots of things are catching up with me and I have been in a lot of pain lately. My sciatic nerve and my hip pain are unbearable some days and on those days I lay in a chair or on my bed, with heated rice socks on my sore spots and a lot of Ibuprofen in my body, and I pray for the day to end.

I hurt! My soul hurts because I can’t exercise because of the pain, and I love to exercise. I need to exercise because when I can’t, those blue devils invade my spirits and turn my happy sunshiny days to blue and sometimes even to black…and I lay in a chair or on my bed, with my eyes closed, and pray for the day to end.

I hurt! My heart hurts because when my body and soul hurt, it is hard for me to take care of my family. And when I’m not taking care of them, I am sad and I lay in a chair or on my bed , with my eyes closed and my hands over my ears, and I pray for the day to end.

I’m tired of hurting.

So today, I am starting the healing. I went to my favorite Orthopedist and he gave me a lovely shot, right in my very sore hip, and I cried as the pain instantly began to subside. And in a couple of hours, I am on my way for an hour or two of physical therapy. Then it is to the hospital for an MRI and hopefully a steroid injection…hopefully not surgery.

I still hurt, and I will for a while, but I feel hopeful again, and I’m not praying for the day to end. I’m praying for the healing to begin.


  1. Hang in there! I dislocated my pelvis during a pregnancy, now I have pain that comes and goes in my hip, usually on only one side at a time when it goes out of alignment. My treatment was PT. I hope your problem will be easily fixed with PT! Hugs!

  2. i hope you find relief soon!!! i can't imagine what you are going through!!

    i will keep you in my prayers that you don't have to have surgery!!!

    hugs, cindy