Transform Your Weekend


Happy Weekend! Enjoy this beautiful music and amazing video via Design Mom. Can you imagine the work that went into making this?

Because Mother’s Day is this weekend, this “weekend transformation” is all about moms! Here are some things to Transform Your Weekend:

-Read why the Top 50 Mom Bloggers love their moms. Why do you love yours?
-Wish I would have thought of this years ago…Letters from Moms to their New Babies. I do like to write little notes to my daughters on Mother’s Day to let them know how much I love being a mom.
-A cute and easy gift idea for Gardening Moms, like mine.
-Breakfast in Bed starring Nutella.
-Martha Stewart's Mother's Day Ideas.
-Any mom would love these bags! I’m a mom and I love these bags!
-Beautiful towels for moms that cook. Don’t all moms kind of cook?
-I really like this fun Ode to Mother and Gift Ideas from Alice Lane.
-Don’t forget the "Other Mothers".

This is my mom. I hope she still likes me after she realizes that I have just posted her picture on the internet where millions of people will view it. Okay, maybe not millions, but could be thousands…or hundreds…or me and everyone that I force to read my blog. My mom reads my blog and I don’t even force her to. That is one of the reasons that I love her. Isn’t she beautiful? That is another reason that I love her. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom!

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