Mom Moments--Happy Mother’s Day to “Other Mothers”

*Image from Johner via Pinterest

Have you ever thought about all of the women in your life and your children’s lives that help you mother? No? Well, now is a good time to do it. Make a list of all the women, just today, that will have some influence on your children. My list looks like this: bus driver, piano teacher, school teachers, cheerleading advisor, coach, dance teacher, carpool driver, and my children’s friends moms…and that is just the women I know about. I’m sure there are more. Who is on your list?

Mother’s Day is this Sunday, and I would like to take a moment to thank all of the “other mothers” in my children’s lives. I literally could not do it without you. Your talents, knowledge, extra hands, examples, service, kindness, interest, guidance, time, hugs and kisses and cookies have meant a lot to my children, and to me. I notice you, I appreciate you, I try to acknowledge all that you do. Sometimes I forget to do that. But, I never forget who you are and what you are doing for my children. So…

Happy Mother’s Day to all the “Other Mothers!”

Thank you for watching over my children.
Thank you for teaching my children.
Thank you for loving my children.
In my heart, and in our home,
you are always remembered
and appreciated…and loved.

If I could, I would plant you a tree that looks this this:

*Image from The Procrastination File via Pinterest

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