Change Your Things—Cute Ideas from Martha

Time for bed, but I just realized I forgot to blog today. The sun was shining and I was feeling good, so I spent hours in the yard today…and I forgot all about blogging. So sorry.

I do have a couple of cute crafts from Martha Stewart, the ultimate queen of thing changes. I thought I would pass them on to you.

Tote Topper

This looks like a fun way to make some changes to a plain bag. I love to take something and change it a bit so that it is my own design. The possibilities here are endless…you can choose from so many different fabrics and buttons. Definitely a cute idea for a summer swim bag.

Candy-Filled Cherries

So cute! I found these in Martha’s DIY Wedding section, but I thought they would be fun for any kind of summer party…picnic, birthday, 4th of July…and you could change the candies and tissue colors and make a colorful “fruit salad.”

Here are the instructions for both projects:

Tote Topper (I would definitely pick a less-expensive fabric than the one suggested.)
Candy-Filled Cherries

Have fun making changes!

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