The Weekend Changes

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I’m a bit behind, but looking forward to a longer weekend. Nothing big planned, but I hope to complete my porch project and work on my garden. I’m not sure if it will happen though as it is pouring rain and might rain all weekend. Maybe I’ll finally get to some inside projects. I hope your Memorial Day weekend is fun, relaxing and productive. Here are some changes I wanted to share with you…

10 Changes to Enjoy this Weekend

1. A change in love for your partner: via Modern Mormon Men.
2. Food change: Mason Jar Meals.
3. Change in Perspective: An Alternative First Aid Kit.
4. My vacation dreams changed to this: Amazing Grace via House of Turquoise.
5. Life changes: Fighting the Weeds and Segullah.
6. Design change: Coolest Subway Tunnels Ever!
7. Celebrate change: Father's Day Key chains.
8. Thing changes: DIY Patchwork Wall Art.
9. Change of seasons: Summer Relaxation Ideas.
10. Inspiration: Word Love.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend full of wonderful changes. Back on Monday.

I’m a bit behind this weekend, but saw some fun things this week that I want to share:

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