Thoughts on Memorial Day

The sun is actually shining as I write this, but lots of clouds and lots of snow on the mountains. Crazy weather this Spring! We are having a pretty lazy Memorial Day…out to breakfast, a visit from the grandparents, a movie later. School is out so we are also gearing up for the summer…making schedules and plans and lists and calendars. I always love a change in seasons or schedules. It feels like a fresh start.

We haven’t visited any cemeteries this weekend and that is unusual for us, but the American flag is flying in our front yard, and I’ve been thinking about how grateful I am for my country and for those who work hard to protect it.

My brother is one of those protectors and so is his wife. He was a Marine and is now in the Army; she is in the Navy. I admire them and their dedication and all of their service. I am grateful for their sacrifice and discipline and patriotism. They help me feel safe and loved and American.

So, this Memorial Day, I want to let Greg and Deb and anyone who serves in the military now or ever know that I am grateful…and I am thinking of you today.

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