Thrift Store Thursday—Cowboy Love


I’m still thrifting and last week I fell in love with this picture/quilt. It was $15 and I bought it at a thrift store I had never been to, and probably will never go to again (it was a bit stinky). You are probably thinking that I am crazy…I might be. But the heart wants what the heart wants and last week, this was what my heart wanted. Someone else loved this picture/quilt, too. It is hand quilted, and the frame is custom made. It definitely needs some work…the frame is in bad shape and the fabric is a bit dirty.


But the colors are perfect and the cowboy print reminds me of my Grandpa’s super warm flannel sleeping bag. It also reminds me of my cowboy Grandpa who has been gone for a very long time. I miss him.


My new son-in-law is a cowboy, too. I’m glad we have another cowboy in the family.


When I have made some changes to it, I think it will hang above the bed in my guest room. That is where my daughter and my cowboy son-in-law sleep when they come to visit. It will remind me of the old cowboy…and the new cowboy.



  1. Hi Lori, nice to 'meet' you, I saw your link on my fave Bird's Party so had to come check out your daughter's rainbow party. Great theme hey? You had such attention to detail and the activities. Anyway, the link for our party is up on my blog if you're interested: Enjoy, Jane:)

  2. That is a sweet find! I hope you'll post pics when it goes on the wall. :)