The Weekend Changes


Real Beauty


Happy Weekend!  It has finally stopped raining here and we might get a bit of time outside tomorrow.  I’m working on a front porch change and I really need the weather to cooperate.  My leg pain is finally going away and I am ready to go on a lot of projects. 

Here are 10 changes to enjoy this weekend:

1.   A perspective change:  the definition of beauty from
2.   A fun change:  BSS | Breakfast Interrupted via Design Mom.
3.   A workout change:  Derby Lite via Making it Lovely.
4.   A clean change…do you think I can train my dogs to do this?
5.   Change lives:  Shine!
6.   Change some food:  weekend treat.
7.   A blog crush change:  Modern Mormon Men:  the Manly Mommy Blog.
8.   A change of company:  my sweet lawyer husband is having a Mini Moment without me at AMVIV.
9.   A design change:  a Closet to a Mini Mudroom.  I must have this, but mine will be a reading nook.
10.  A DIY change:  door to table.

As you can tell, I’m making some changes to my blog.  I’m going to tighten things up a bit and really focus on change.  Not hard to do because no matter what, “things change.”

Have a very happy weekend full of very happy changes.  See you Monday…I hope!

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