Design Change—Salvaged Wood Wall

*Images from Design Sponge via A Cup of Jo

What a fabulous design change! Read all about it here. Home decorating and design is my not-so-secret passion! I love perusing magazines, blogs, books, model homes, my friends’ homes, anyone’s home for decorating inspiration. I have paper files and computer files of ideas that I love and hope to incorporate someday. I have collections of things to be painted and framed and sewn into lovely design projects. I am spilling over with ideas to implement…I have been collecting them since I was 14 years-old. Really!

What I don’t have is the time I would like to do all these projects. I could literally spend all day working on design projects, but I have a family and they like to eat and they like clean laundry and they like to develop their interests and talents and they like lots of other things that take up most of my time. That is okay because I like taking care of them and that is what my time is all about, I made that commitment a long time ago.

But I still long for time and money to implement all of my projects. I suppose that one day it will happen…and when it finally does, I probably won’t care anymore. Until then, though, I’ll keep collecting ideas and sharing them with you. I hope you enjoy them and file some away and that someday soon you get to fulfill all of your design fantasies.

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