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I have a new love…clothing love that is.  Are you familiar with Shabby Apple?  I’ve read about them on Nienie's blog and the name keeps popping up all over the internet.  I also spotted some of their earrings in a fashion feature in Real Simple Magazine.  Although I haven’t tried any of their products yet, anything from Shabby Apple is currently at the top of my wish list.  Here are a few of my favorites:










Recital from Shabby Sister (their pre-teen line)


Lovely things!  An added bonus, their website is fantastic!  Shabby Apple’s stylist provides outfit suggestions and accessory ideas.  They have a blog called An Apple a Day.  My favorite feature is their stories…each of their clothing items features a story to go along with the image.  Here is an image and story from their South Pacific line:


New Caledonia

I felt as though I could write an Atlas of Remote Islands—twenty five days jostled about at sea, punctuated with series tiny respites, atolls in little archipelagoes, the smallest of dirt clots in the midst of a vast, seemingly endless ocean.  I had hitched a ride from Hawaii to Singapore on a friend-of-a-friend's sailboat, and though I had had grand dreams tinged with film stills from Pirates of the Caribbean and the soundtrack of South Pacific, I soon realized just how claustrophobic one could get on a boat—and on an island. Though they had beautiful names—Rapa Iti, Pukapuka, Banaba—and breath-taking vistas, even the largest of islands where we landed could be explored in an afternoon, circumnavigated on foot or used like a racetrack for the little motorcycles ubiquitous in the South Pacific.

A Motorcycle. Hundreds of motorcycles and their owners crowded the port in Singapore in an endless hustle of comings and goings, ferrying people to their destinations.  I approached a young man looming on the outskirts of a crowd of particularly aggressive taxi-bikers, leaning on a clean little motorcycle smoking a cigarette with the aloof deft of a frenchman. "You want a ride?" he asked, blowing smoke my way.  "I want your bike," I responded. "What have you got?" he asked, nonplused. I opened my bag and started rifling…. read more here.

I love companies that not only sell great products, but recognize the importance of making the shopping experience enjoyable.  I am definitely a fan!

Want to try Shabby Apple for free…or with some discounts?  Here are a few ways:  Ashlee Raubach (her photography is amazing) is hosting a giveaway and/or a 10% coupon, you save 10% when you sign up for email at Shabby Apple, and shipping is free when you spend $150 or more.  There are always great giveaways for Shabby Apple in the blog world, so be sure to “like” Shabby Apple” on Facebook to follow their giveaways.

Happy shopping!

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