Camping Changes


Image from Blog con Queso


I am just back from a family reunion…a camping family reunion…and now camping is on my mind.  Do you like to camp?  I do like one good campout every summer, but I have to confess that I  appreciate a flushing toilet next to my tent site. 

I’ve seen a few things lately that surprised me about camping.  Apparently even camping changes.  There is now something called “Glamping,” which is really fancy camping and looks like so much fun to try.  Just look at the photos of these amazing camping sites!


*Image from Terra Savvy


*Image from Blog con Queso


*Image from Black Canyon Wildlife Ranch


*Image from Teniqua Treetops


What do you think?  Is Glamping for you…or would you rather spend the money on a hotel room?  I’m definitely up for giving Glamping a try.  I think it would make a great Mini Moment for Joe and me.  Maybe an anniversary trip?

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